Consider in the planing the trip to Sweden

From West coast of U.S. to Sweden

  • Two days of travel to come to Sweden.
  • Tiresome to travel long way.
  • Sweden is 9 hours ahead of Los Angeles time, 7 hours of Chicago.

Timezone change and jet lag

  • It's tiresome to fly to Sweden. You get jet lag.
  • Come to Sweden a day earlier to rest and acclimatize in the new timezone.

Non-stop flight to Scandinavia

  • Departure from Chicago

From United States to Sweden

  • You decide which airline to travel to Sweden.
  • Arrive in Gothenburg.
  • If you change airplanes from an international flight to a national flight, you have to clear yourself and your luggage through customs at that airport where the change is made.

More walking is expected in Europe

  • Be prepared to walk distances in Sweden.
  • You are expected to take care of your own luggage.

You need a travel and/or a medical insurance for the trip

  • Check with your insurance company about your travel insurances.
  • Buy a travel and/or a medical insurance for the trip.

In which country do you live?

  • USA: Bookings are made by Lindstrom Travel in Rockford, IL.
  • Other countries: Bookings are made by Svanbergs Resebyrå in Falköping, Sweden.