Plan your genealogy trip

Swedish Family History

By the help of your own swedish genealogy researcher you might find out about your ancestors, where they lived and familymembers of today.

Our genealogists can help you with:

  1. Genealogy work on your family. That includes compliments of research already done.
  2. Search for/find the places/cottage/farms your ancestor came from. Maybe the house is not there any longer.
  3. Search for maps, documents and photos.
  4. Contact libraries, archives, authority and churches which might have information about your family.
  5. Contact persons who might have information about your family.
  6. Scout heritage places to visit during two genealogy days.
  7. Plan which heritage places to visit during the two genealogy days.
  8. Contact relatives if there is any and arrange for everyone to meet.
  9. Be your guide and driver on the genealogy days.
  10. Documentation.
You tell us what you would like to do and together with your local genealogist and guide you plan your heritage trips.


Photos on your family
Bring photos of your family to show your family in Sweden.
Maybe you can see simile feature in comparison.
It's also pleasant to show pictures of your family to the family members in Sweden who open their door for you.