Adventure Skaraborg Society

Aim to encourage and fortify bonds between Sweden and descendants of emigrants from Skaraborg County. And make it possible to bind together relatives.

The Adventure Skaraborg Society

The Adventure Skaraborg Society was formed on 9th August 2018. The aim is to encourage and fortify bonds between Sweden and descendants of emigrants from Skaraborg County and the surrounding area and make it possible to bind together relatives.

The location of the Society is in Falköping, Sweden. The member's function is to do genealogy research, convey and protect family, history and native districts. The Society has six members.

The main reason to form the Society was to take over the responsibility of the genealogy/heritage trips Adventure Skaraborg from Skara municipal in Sweden.

From April 1st, 2017 – 30th September 2018, Adventure Skaraborg participated in a a pre-project together with Falköping and Tidaholm tourism in Sweden and the Industrial Partnership Agreement between Skaraborg and Midwest U.S. The partnership started in 2006 between the City of Lidköping and the City of Rockford, IL. The agreement has been updated and expanded and also has an appointed International Business Developer who alternates her time between Skaraborg and the Rockford area, assisting companies and organizations to grow locally by working globally. The genealogy trip Adventure Skaraborg is an outcome of the partnership.

The heritage tour was a genealogy travel package that allowed the participants to find their roots in the County of Skaraborg combined with touring Swedish historical and cultural highlights with their own guide. The genealogy trips was customized for everyone who travels on the tour.

The tours used to be at the end of August and at the beginning of September. In 2017 was the first genealogy trip with six participants, in 2018 the trip had nine. They come all over the U.S. In the 2018 trip they came from California, Nebraska, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Maryland, Washington D.C, Wisconsin and British Colombia in Canada. 2019 the trip had three participants

As of Covid-19 the tour group of 2020 was cancelled (six participants) and no tour groups in 2021-2022 for the same reason. After that we decide not to do any tour trips any longer. Instead we make it possible for Swedish-Americans to find their roots, walk in their forefather's footsteps and possibly meeting relatives of today by themselves or in family groups. This in collaborating with the Network of Genealogical Adventures of Sweden to make it possible for swedish-americans to search and visit homesteads and family in all parts of Sweden.

The Society looking forward to collaborating with all who are interested.

Emigration from Skaraborg County

Among all emigrants from Sweden, estimate 70 000 persons born were in Skaraborg County, Sweden and emigrated to North America, most of them to the United States. 4% of today’s citizens in U.S count that they are Swedish descendants. There are about 327 million inhabitants in the U.S. About 13 million are Swedish-Americans. Of those estimates 700 000 descendants of immigrants born in Skaraborg County, Sweden.